• 3D Printing Services

    Services are available to UT students, faculty, and staff, as well as researchers with active projects. Teachers K-12 may also submit files.

Printing Instructions

You are invited to print

UT’s Anthropology 3D printing services are available to UT students, faculty, and staff, as well as researcher with active projects.  Teachers at elementary and secondary schools may also submit files for printing through this service.  
The costs of service is calculated per cubic inch, starting at $6 with a $12 initial set-up fee.  This cost includes 3D printer preparation, material, print time, materials cleaning.  Shipping can be included or billed to an account.  Payment is required before shipping.  After 30 days, any models that have not received payment become the property of eAnthro Projects.    
Users may either donate their files to be available to others, or may request that their files be deleted from our inventory.  Files set for deletion will be removed 30 days after models are shipped.
Digital printing is a time intensive process.  Please consider that there may be a number of projects lined up in the queue.  If your project is time sensitive, please indicate the needed return date at the time of purchase.

File Formatting

All files should be submitted as .stl, and checked for model integrity prior to submittal.  Any flaws or noise in the file will be incorporated into the printing.  Requestors are responsible for assuming printing costs of all printed models.  3D printing services cannot be responsible for corrupted files.
Maximum allowable file size for submittal is 50 MB.  Files over 50 MB may require additional charges.  
Note that disarticulated pieces are considered separate models.  To ensure the best possible output, please ensure that all elements of the model are connected or in contract with each other in the stl file.

Printing Output

Models may be printed in different scales.  Please remember to include the scale output in your request.  (e.g. 20%, 50%, 100%, 200%, etc).  Two resolution sizes are available: .007” or .01” (convert to mm).  Resolution should also be included in your printing request.
All items are printed in ABS type plastic that can be sanded, painted, and glued.  Maximum size of a single build is x=8”, y=8,” z=12”, but models can be printed in sections and reassembled by the requester.  
Printout are available in the following colors (pending availability):  ivory, blue, tangerine, yellow, red, and black.

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